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Animations Animations in SplashKit can be used to move between cells inbitmaps and sprites. Each animation generates a number sequencethat can then be used when drawing bitmaps.
Audio SplashKit Audio allows you to load and play music and sound effects.
Camera SplashKit camera functionality allows you to move a virtual cameraaround in your world.
Color SplashKit simplifies color manipulation in graphical applications for developers, ensuring ease of use and efficiency.
Geometry SplashKit's geometry functions assist with geometry-related computations.
Graphics SplashKit Images allow drawing of bitmaps and sprites to graphic windows.SplashKit Text allows for drawing text in a variety of ways tographic windows.
Input Input handles user interaction and events such as keypresses.
Json SplashKit Json allows you to create and read JSON objects.
Logging SplashKit Logging facilitates streamlined logging with customizable severity levels and modes.
Networking SplashKit's network-related functions allow you to communicate dataacross networks.
Physics SplashKit Collisions library allow you to perform tests betweenbitmaps, sprites and shapes to determin if a collision has occured.Provides matrix functions to work on 2d coordinates.Provides vector functions to work on vectors.
Raspberry Splashkit allows you to read and write to the GPIO pins on the Raspberry Pi.
Resource Bundles SplashKit resource bundles allow you to quickly and easily load anumber of resources in the `Resources` folder.
Resources SplashKit resource functions allow you to locate resources in aproject's `Resources` folder.
Sprites SplashKit Sprites allows you to create images you can easilymove and animate.
Terminal SplashKit Terminal allows you to read and write values to theterminal in a consistent manner.
Timers Timers in SplashKit can be used to track the passing of time.
Types SplashKit Types simplifies data type creation and management for streamlined programming.
Utilities SplashKit provides some basic data manipulation functions tohelp make it easy to get some basic tasks performed.SplashKit random provides a simple implementation of random.SplashKit provides miscellaneous utilities for unclassified functionality.
Windows Window Manager in SplashKit can be used create, and manipulategraphics windows