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Issue : MacOS

System.DllNotFoundException unable to load DLL splashkit.dll” when trying to run program


  1. Make sure your macOS is fully updated to the latest software if possible (at least version 12.0 or later).

  2. For older macOS versions (pre-12.0), you can use the following commands in the terminal to change SplashKit to a previous version (run each line separately):

    Terminal window
    cd ~/.splashkit
    Terminal window
    git fetch –unshallow
    Terminal window
    git checkout cbb68dc

    Note: Using skm dotnet new after these commands might change the way that the SplashKit project files are created, so you can use this Template SplashKit project (zipped folder) to create new projects instead of using skm dotnet new:

    Note: Read the “README.txt” file for instructions on how to use the template for new projects. There is also a comment in Program.cs file to help with this, and then you can remove these commented lines.