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zsh command not found skm

Issue : MacOS

zsh: command not found: skm



Add the .splashkit folder to your .zshrc file. The .zshrc file is located in “~/Users/(your username)/”.

Replace “(your username)” with your username. Note: You can get your username using the whoami command in the Terminal as shown below:


You might need to show hidden files. Hold down the shift and command keys, and then press the . key (period/dot) to toggle showing hidden files.

Open the .zshrc file and add the following line:

Terminal window
export PATH="$HOME/.splashkit:$PATH"

As an added precaution for dotnet, you can also add this line to the same file:

Terminal window
export PATH="/usr/local/share/dotnet:$PATH"

And while you are adding to this file, you can also add the following line, which will allow you to use the command code . to open Visual Studio Code from your terminal:

Terminal window
export PATH="$PATH:/Applications/Visual Studio"