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SplashKit Installation Solutions (For Mac users)

This repository provides solutions to known installation issues encountered by Mac users while installing SplashKit. If you are facing any problems with SplashKit, refer to this document for possible solutions.

Table of Contents

  • Issue 1: ”bash <(curl -s” does nothing
  • Issue 2: ”brew cask install dotnet-sdk” command not working (or any issues installing Homebrew)
  • Issue 3: ”ln -s /usr/local/share/dotnet/dotnet /usr/local/bin” command not working
  • Issue 4: ”System.DllNotFoundException unable to load DLL splashkit.dll” when trying to run program
  • Issue 5: ”zsh: command not found: skm”
  • Issue 6: Error that mentions β€œ(are you missing an assembly reference?)”