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SplashKit Manager

The SplashKit Manager is essential for Linux users as it simplifies the installation and management of the SplashKit SDK, ensuring a seamless development experience.


  1. Open up a terminal.

    Opening a terminal in Linux

  2. Ensure you have curl and git installed, these are used in the SplashKit install process.

    Install using your package manager. For example:

    Terminal window
    sudo apt-get install curl git
  3. Install the SplashKit Manager

    Copy and paste the code in the box below into your terminal and press enter.

    Terminal window
    bash <(curl -s
  4. Restart the terminal and execute skm to test it was successfully installed.

    Terminal window

    You should see the following messages:

    Terminal window
    SplashKit is installed successfully!
    Missing skm command. For help use 'skm help'