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system “Path” variable

Update your system “Path” variable:

Steps to add to the “Path” environment variable:

  1. Search for “environment variables” using the search on the task bar:

    (Note: Red box - this might look like a text box for you, Yellow box - you should only have to type ”env”, then Green box - That’s what you click on.)

  2. Under the ”Advanced” Tab (Red box), click on ”Environment variables” (Green box):

  3. Click on ”Path” (Red box), then click ”Edit” (Green box):

    Note about finding username (for Next Steps): You can look through your folders in file explorer to get your username if needed, or use the command in the terminal as shown below:

    (Step 4 on next page – This is just a step showing the 3 required paths for SplashKit)

  4. In the “Edit environment variable” window, you should have the following paths shown in the Green box (using your own username):

    Once you have these paths, click “OK” on all the windows, open a new MINGW64 terminal and try running the program again.