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Using JSON

JSON is a human-readable text format consisting of key/value pairs and arrays. SplashKit allows us to read through these files and create our own. This article explains the basics of doing so with SplashKit. Written by Richard Denton on Oct 3 2017

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) if a human-readable text format consisting of key-value (or attribute-value) pairs and arrays.

SplashKit’s JSON library provides methods and procedures for working with JSON objects in C++.

SplashKit JSON code usage example

#include "splashkit.h"
#include <string>
using namespace std;
int main()
//Create the JSON object.
json json_object = create_json();
//Set "name" to "SplashKit"
json_set_string(json_object, "name", "SplashKit");
//Set "type" to "A programming library"
json_set_string(json_object, "type", "A programming library");
//Set "age" to 2.
json_set_number(json_object, "age", 2);
//Access each of the stored keys.
write_line("My name is: " + json_read_string(json_object, "name"));
write_line("My type is: " + json_read_string(json_object, "type"));
write_line("I am " + to_string( json_read_number(json_object, "age") ) + " years old.");
//Ensure you free the resources after completion.
return 0;